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 Midnight academy

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PostSubject: Midnight academy   Sat Jan 16, 2010 7:18 pm

You have been accepted by The Midnight Academy! You are a creature, monster, or faerie creature. At the Academy you will learn how to use/control your abilities/powers, and how to fit in with the humans, who you typically want to help protect from the Shadows, the horrid creatures that exist only for the purpose of exterminating life. (sorta like a hogwarts for monsters) the typical rp rules, you can control up to 3 people. fill out the form, and we will start on the train.

lucky charm:
known abilities:
creature type:

here is mine:

Name: Alice Fullmoon Vanilla

appearance: long jet black hair, extremely large emerald green eyes, with extremely large pupils, that are often looking at nothing, making her look like she is thinking about something. Fangs.
personality: insane, sometimes quiet which typically means somethings going to happen.
lucky charm: A large pocket watch with a blood red stone in the middle.
known abilities: she has abilities, but nobody knows what she can do yet.
creature type: half vampire. (being half lets her be in sunlight)
other: always with Mint-chan


Name: only known as Mint-chan/ Mint. nobody knows her real name
age: 13
appearance: bright pink hair that reaches her butt. cotton candy blue eyes. fangs.
personality: more talkative than Alice, always knows what Alice is thinking, takes care of alice. She's very friendly, but can be shy.
known abilities: physic, and can make imaginary characters appear to protect her and Alice
lucky charm: A beautiful small Cross with a blue stone in the middle that she wears.
creature type: half vampire
other: always with Alice


Name: Edwin Edaniel Evergreen (Evergreen isn't his last name, but his last name cannot be said by non fae)
age: 13
appearance: dark violet red hair, Chocolate brown eyes. His bottom half fur matches his eyes.
personality: not gonna stick to one with him.
lucky charm: A ring with roses patterned on it
known abilities: can call animals to his aid, other abilities yet to be developed.
creature type: pan (you know, the top half human the bottom half goat. I can't remember what it's called.)


Alice Fullmoon vanilla Bizenghast
Edwin Edaniel Evergreen

Relline Mervo


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PostSubject: Re: Midnight academy   Mon Jan 18, 2010 7:21 pm

Name: Relline Mervo
age: 12
appearance: Light brown hair that she often keeps in a pony tail blue eyes and wears blick square galsses. Skinny, and tall. Pale skin.
personality: Bright and optomistic.
lucky charm: A slender stepter that usually her srinks and keeps in her hair.
known abilities: Phantomism.(Walking though walls ect)
creature type: Phanom/gohst
other: I don't know.

((BTW For Edwin, it's called a centaur, I'm not sure about pan. :/))

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Join date : 2009-11-10
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Location : Within my Imagination

PostSubject: Re: Midnight academy   Tue Jan 19, 2010 12:51 am

(No, a centaur is body of a horse, and chest and head of a human. I'm thinking of the same sort of creature as mister Tummus or whoever he is from the chronicles of narnia.)


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PostSubject: Re: Midnight academy   

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Midnight academy
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